corrosion control

Corrosion Prevention When You Need It Most

Get cathodic protection services in the lower 48 states

Do you want to prevent or halt corrosion of a:

  • Water pipe?
  • Gas pipe?
  • Petrochemical pipe?
  • Utility structure?

Sky Cathodic Protection & Pipeline Services, a division of RWE LLC, is here to help you. Our cathodic protection procedures are effective at controlling the most tenacious forms of metal corrosion. Our company is trusted by regional clients in both the private and public sector. You can count on us to provide reliable corrosion control solutions at your manufacturing facility, processing plant or other industrial operation.

We maintain pipelines in Texarkana, TX and beyond

From utility buildings to energy sector pipelines, Sky Cathodic Protection & Pipeline Services works in a variety of environments and with a number of industries. We apply proven cathodic protection methodology and technology to halt problematic forms of corrosion in our clients' most critical pipeline systems.

Don't leave your pipes and structures vulnerable to the damaging effects of corrosion.

Call our Texarkana office at 903-556-9152 or our Bacliff office at 281-339-7135 to request a consultation with our team